Chain Link Fence Parts

Hampden Fence Supply, Inc. specializes in the manufacturer of Quality Fence Fittings for Chain Link Fencing. We provide hot dip galvanized fittings to meet State and Federal Specifications. Our Cantilever Gate Rollers are one of the best in the industry.

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Chain Link Fence Parts

Fence FittingsEverything you need to install a fence: Barb Arms, Brace Tension and Kennel Bands, Clamps, Clips, Hinges, Latches, Caps and so much more. Mostly domestic products.

Heavy Duty
Cantilever Rollers

Cantilever RollersHeavy duty for industrial use. Rollers, Roller Guards and Latch Assemblies.

Welded Wire Hardware
for High Security Fence

Welded Wire BracketsOur C Post and Round Post Brackets are used in the installation of welded wire high security fences.

Custom Tension Bands & Brace Bands

Custom Tension Bands and Brace BandsAre you looking for tension and brace bands in a certain size and not finding it? Look no more! We'll custom make them for round and square posts in non-standard sizes.


Greenhouse Fittings

greenhouse fittings

Our 5” wheels, are used to make greenhouses portable for organic growing. Brace and tension bands and galvanized carriage nuts and bolts are also used by this industry.

Hot Dip Galvanizing
for Small Parts

hot dip galvanizingDo you need small parts hot dip galvanized? Our kettle runs 24/7 allowing fast turn-around. We do small parts for steel parts fabricators, mainly for the construction industry.

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