Domestic Chain Link Fence Parts Manufacturer

Hampden Fence Supply, Inc. specializes in the manufacturer of Quality Fence Fittings for Chain Link Fencing.

Domestic items marked by Made in America icon.

Aluminum Wire

Backstop Angle, Ductile Iron

Barb Arms
Barb Arm Bases
Steel Barb Arm Blades
Ductile Iron Corner Barb Arms
One Piece Barb Arms

Brace Bands
Beveled Brace Bands
C Post and H Beam Brace Bands
Corner Brace Bands, Beveled
Economy Brace Bands
Heavy Brace Bands
Square Brace Bands
Two Way Brace Bands, Beveled
Three Way Brace Bands, Beveled

End Rail Clamps
Kennel Clamps
Line Rail Clamps
Saddle Clamps
Steel Pipe Clamps

Drive Anchor Units
Universal Drive Anchor Unit
Industrial Drive Anchor Unit
Large Industrial Drive Anchor Shoe

Duckbill Gate Holdbacks

Fence Ties, Aluminum

Floor Flanges

Fork Latches, Pressed Steel

Frame Clamps, Pressed Steel

Fulcrum Latches, Heavy Duty

Gate Clips

Gate Hinges
Female Gate Hinges, Pressed Steel
Male Gate Hinges, Pressed Steel

Gate Scrolls, Three Piece

Bull Dog Hinges, Pressed Steel
Malleable Frame Hinges
Malleable Industrial Box Hinges
  180° Attachment
Malleable Industrial Offset Hinges
Malleable Post Hinges

Hog Rings, Aluminum

Kennel Bands

Locking Devices
Locking Devices, Industrial
Locking Devices, Residential

Loop Caps
Aluminum Loop Caps
Pressed Steel Loop Caps

Nuts and Bolts

Post Caps
Acorn Post Caps
Dome Post Caps

Rail Ends
Combination Rail Ends, Ductile Iron
Offset Rail Ends, Aluminum
Offset Rail Ends, Pressed Steel

Tension Bands
Beveled Tension Bands
Economy Tension Bands
Heavy Tension Bands
Square Tension Bands

Tension Bars

Top Rail Sleeves

Truss Rod Tighteners

Welded Wire for High Security

Wood to Steel Adapters

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